Ricci Flow


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Andrew Lewis and Jim Radford: vocals that rhyme with "Yau"
Scott David Kelly: remainder

A question posed by Poincaré remained unanswered till today
Despite a Clay prize valued more than sixty pounds of gold

Contracting each and every loop defines a fundamental group
Is it unique to only one compact three-manifold?

That might be right

Bright white flash of insight, like first daylight:
One man can say now

Cao and Zhu were first to get to press
Yau and The New Yorker made a mess
But it was Perelman who sketched the proof we've come to know

Wow --- the Science "Breakthrough of the Year"
Now we know what maps onto the sphere
How? Uh... it's complicated

That's right, not trite
No shite

Flash of insight, Russian daylight:
Grisha says, "Hey mom, I'm on my way now...
Don't want no prize
No money, no
In my eyes, I think it shows
Only way to go is with the Ricci flow"

Music and lyrics by Scott. Questions or comments? Email him.